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  The Calendar: Synopsis  

The bombing of an OmegaSoft annex is the first in a series of dire warnings from a sinister
electronic snoop who wants to prevent OmegaSoft from being awarded a multi-million dollar contract with the Homeland Security Department (HSD). Omega officers are concerned and rightly so. They want and need that contract.

But why should the government have confidence in their Cold Eyes cybersecurity product, if they can't protect their own facility and intellectual property? Despite being on edge, they fasten their hopes on Joanne Gravitz, the software's architect and the one who can best convince HSD it is the premier product on the market. Has the bombing put them out of the competition? Is the terrorist a radical Jihadist Muslim faction, a resentful rival corporation, or a seriously vengeful insider?

While the local police and the FBI work to solve the bombing and subsequent murders, Gravitz circumvents their warnings and conducts her own secret investigation. With every step she takes toward the truth, she puts herself and those she respects and loves most in mortal danger. She has only a few days to unearth the identity of the psychopath who has perfect knowledge of her every move via the company's intranet calendar. Her every move is being monitored, but unless she continues to use the calendar, the company brass and her colleagues will learn about her investigation.

In a high-stakes struggle to beat the clock, she realizes the ruthless fanatic is a genius black hat hacker who uses email and cellphone spoofs and Internet catch sites to hide his identity.

In a terrifying confrontation with the adversary, her life hangs in the balance. The pieces of the puzzle have finally fallen into place, but who will know, if she can't make her shocking revelation?

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