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  Split Decision : Synopsis  

Dr.  Casey Cook is on the verge of achieving all of her goals. Beautiful and driven, the third-year resident at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is already a rising star in the field of hepatic anesthesiology. Unfortunately, Casey’s professional success has come at the cost of a social life.  But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming, especially when she meets the dashing Argentinian surgeon, Eduardo Montesi.  Are the smiles they exchange while rushing through the hospital halls just a harmless flirtation, or the beginnings of a real romance?  Casey doesn’t know, and most days she is too busy caring for her patients to figure it out.

One of these patients is Abigail Burns, the daughter of a prominent senator. After years of drug abuse, Abby’s liver has been destroyed by hepatitis. She now lies in the hospital’s “VIP unit,” where she will surely die without a transplant. When her case is leaked to the media, the public is outraged, claiming she is receiving special treatment because of her status.  

It is amidst this outcry that Javier, a shady man from Casey’s past, walks back into her life. It is a past she would rather forget, as part of a top secret special forces unit. Javier convinces her to complete one more mission, one that includes spying on a group of South American surgeons visiting UPMC – including Eduardo.  But when Javier tells her she must also go to rural Bolivia, Casey realizes he is not who he claims to be and that her mission is inexorably linked to Abigail’s case.  As she is drawn deeper into the dark world of organized crime and black market organ sales, Casey must figure out how to get out of Bolivia without comprising her medical ethics, or risk losing her life.  



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