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"A conventional battle of good and evil in a contemporary setting and pace. A must read for everyone."

—Dr. Itty Matthew, Ph.D, AMD Engineer, Member of Technical Staff.

“I had to catch my breath. Reading Cold Eyes is like running on a treadmill. Your heart rate gets faster and faster.”

—Dr. Minerva Navarro, MD., Geriatrics Fellow, Stanford Hospital

“Hold on to your chair and expect EXCITEMENT!  The phrase 'Page-Turner' pales when it comes to wanting to get to the next page of Cold Eyes. I couldn’t read the words fast enough to see what was going to happen next.  A suspense, action-packed thriller is another mild phrase when it comes to Cold Eyes. This book reads like something out of today’s news. Its current theme of cyber crime could be the headlines in tonight’s local paper, or the 'teaser' for the evening news.

“What started out as a quick read before bedtime became a 'late night' marathon read for me. With a plot that weaves through the famous landmarks in California, the novel unfolds in a spell-binding way that kept me and the heroin one step ahead of the evil hacker - 'CyberGod.'

Cold Eyes is well-written with plenty of clear images that projected me into the scene. It kept me enthralled and wanting more.”

--Carole Martin, Author and Coach, Author of "Interview Fitness Training," "Boost Your Interview IQ" and "Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview"

“I would highly recommend this book. War driving, surveillance camera, computer hacking, combined with a love story, and an intriguing secret, I was fascinated on how Romina intertwined everything.”

—Dr. Yuansheng Ma, Ph.D, AMD Engineer, University of Wisconsin

“Cold Eyes kept me guessing from the beginning to the end. The ending was totally unexpected!”

—Dan McWethy, Production Manager, California News Paper

“What a satisfying story to read. The high-tech drama, the love story, the FBI’s suspicion, all woven together nicely.”

—Drew Butler, Program Manager, VOLT Technical Services

“I was hooked from the very first page—the death of a famous researcher, the secret his wife had kept, the torn between two lovers and the mystery behind the hacking. I couldn’t put the book down.”

—Edna Navarro, Former English Professor, SV

“Finally, a suspense-thriller of our present time—The Information Age. Romina lead me to a real-world experience.”

—Tesfay Stifanos, AMD Engineer

“It kept me guessing who killed Dr. Russell. It was a struggle to take a break from reading because each chapters ends in suspense. The revelation of a secret in the end was very, very shocking. I sighed, ‘Oh, My Gosh!’”

—Henry Ogana, Equipment maintenance, Intel

“Joanne is a woman of our generation. I can totally relate. The characters in the book seem so real. The places are real. I was virtually swept into the world of techies.”

—Cindy Sharma Navarro, RN, Kaiser Permanente

“The Internet has shaped a new civilization in the 21st century.
Yet, Internet crime as a by-product, invades people’s daily lives
and caused the destruction of the society. Thanks for this book,
Cold Eyes. The effort of the people who are fighting Internet crime
should be appreciated.”

—Dr. Franklin Duan, AMD Engineer

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