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  The P.I.G. Mantras : Synopsis  

P.I.G Mantras Cover

Synopsis: She’s going to conquer Silicon Valley – with no degree, and no experience!
When Maite Burns, barely twenty years old, realizes that she’ll have to get a job to support her husband, she doesn’t hesitate. He’s the love of her life, and she will do anything to protect their marriage. Determined to prove that she can become a respected career woman without traditional qualifications, she drops out of junior college and jumps head-first into the highly educated, highly motivated workplace of Silicon Valley. She is hired as an administrative assistant temp, and from there, she tackles endless trials and tribulations — well as anxiety, self-doubt, and persistent fear of failure – to rise through the ranks.  Maite draws strength and inspiration from the words of successful women, while dealing with vagaries of five unique, demanding bosses and their extensive staffs.  The cutthroat world of Silicon Valley won’t guide or support her – but she is mentored by the extraordinary women she admires, from Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Reagan to Oprah Winfrey and Vera Wang.

Humorous, poignant, and honest, The P.I.G. Mantras  offers working women a glimpse of the inside world of a tenacious, successful woman who finds out that the better she gets, the more she understands how much better she is capable of being. Come to Silicon Valley with Maite – and learn The P.I.G. Mantras.



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