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  Cold Eyes : Synopsis  

Synopsis: The battle against cyber crime gains as technology experts fight against those who seek to disrupt computer networks, misuse private or sensitive information, or commit traditional crimes utilizing the Internet. 

COLD EYES is about a brilliant but intriguing software developer who is helping the FBI to catch a murderous database hacker, instead she becomes his prey.

COLD EYES uses the idea of modern technology in a thriller that includes a murder mystery, cyber crime, FBI investigation, intrigue, woven together in a love story with a twist.  My novel's backdrop includes the famous Stanford Hospital and the bioscience work done there by the world-renown doctors and scientist changing the face of disease and dying. 

The plot unfolds when a prominent Stanford researcher, Dr. Brett Russell, is found dead the morning he is expected to present his medical breakthrough to a worldwide conference.  The night of his murder, his computer has been hacked and all confidential research papers are wiped out.  The FBI and local authorities believe this hacker is the murderer of the prominent Dr. Russell, and the kidnapper of his grieving widow.

My protagonist, Joanne Gravitz, is not your usual detective but a software developer for a topnotch computer security firm called OmegaSoft.  When the FBI needs help in tracing the identity of this murderous database hacker, they consulted with Joanne, because of her newest technology against hackers, called COLD EYES.  Using this software, she can readily map and pinpoint the exact location of the hacker's source of activities.  Or so she thought—

This psychopath genius, who calls himself CyberGod, has somehow infiltrated the codes within COLD EYES, leaving authorities with ransom notes and cryptic messages that threaten Joanne's life.

It isn't until CyberGod's capture that everyone—including the readers—learn that the title COLD EYES has a double meaning. It also refers to his motive, which has nothing do with the prominent Dr. Russell, but to a secret his wife had kept from him for more than 20 years.

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