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Split Decision book cover

Split Decision

A shady man from Dr. Casey Cook’s past, walks back into her life. It is a past she would rather forget, as part of a top secret special forces unit. The man convinces her to complete one more mission, one that includes spying on a group of South American surgeons visiting UPMC – including Eduardo Montesi, a dashing Argentinian surgeon whom she is falling in love with.  But when this man tells her she must also go to rural Bolivia, Dr. Cook realizes he is not who he claims to. As she is drawn deeper into the dark world of organized crime and black market organ sales, Dr. Cook must figure out how to get out of Bolivia without comprising her medical ethics, or risk losing her life.  

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Like millions of Americans, Jennifer Tesler was hit hard by the Great Recession. After working for a Silicon Valley company for fifteen years, she was unexpectedly handed a pink slip—and with that little piece of paper came huge complications.

Pinkslipped is the story of one woman’s struggles to hold on to her family, faith, and sense of self after her entire life was turned upside down by a downturn in the economy. An inspiring novel infused with both candor and humor, it ultimately tells tale of a nation trying to rediscover itself

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PIG Mantras Cover

The P.I.G Mantras

Maite Burns conquers the Silicon Valley with no degree and no experience!

Humorous, poignant, and honest, The P.I.G. Mantras  offers working women a glimpse of the inside world of a tenacious, successful woman who finds out that the better she gets, the more she understands how much better she is capable of being. Come to Silicon Valley with Maite – and learn The P.I.G. Mantras.

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Calendar Cover

The Calendar

Joanne Gravitz has unearthed the identity of the genius black hat hacker who uses OmegaSoft's corporate calendar in sending her invitations to meet in various places, but only putting Gravitz life in mortal danger.

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Cold Eyes Cover


Cold Eyes

A prominent Stanford researcher, Dr. Brett Russell, is found dead the morning he is scheduled to reveal his medical breakthrough to a worldwide conference in San Jose. The night of his murder, his computer which contains years of confidential research is invaded by a cyber hacker and all traces of activities are wiped clean. Joanne Gravitz, a young software developer for OmegaSoft is hired to assist the FBI in tracing the identity of the murderous database hacker. Her first day on the job creates continuous fear when the hacker learns of her involvement and makes her his next prey.

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